Shipping Policy


The shipping policy below refers to orders placed on the Golden CBD website only. Information regarding a telephone purchase and/or any other distribution channel will be provided to the customer upon request at the time of purchase/enquiry.

Delivery method

Products purchased on the Golden CBD website are delivered to the customer by an external delivery company to the delivery address entered at the time of purchase (we mean “home delivery”).

supply areas

Golden CBD supplies products to addresses within the State of Israel only (on the site in Hebrew), and subject to reasonable infrastructure, accessibility, security, etc. limitations. It may not be possible to deliver to certain localities that are included in the territory of the State of Israel, this is also according to the instructions of the external shipping company.

Basic shipping cost

The shipping cost for purchases up to and including 650 NIS is 35 NIS. Shipping for purchases over NIS 650 is free. The Golden CBD company reserves the right to update the shipping costs from time to time. The information determining the shipping cost will be shown to the customer when placing the order on the website.

Unusual shipping costs

The basic shipping price does not include unusual transportation that requires special measures and/or additional personnel. In case of abnormal transport, the Golden CBD company reserves the right to cancel the order if it is not possible or to offer the customer the delivery at an additional cost as required by the special conditions. The additional charge will appear in a separate section on the transaction invoice that will be provided to the customer.

Delivery times and dates

The delivery service of the Golden CBD company is active from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – excluding holidays and holiday evenings. Orders received on Friday or Saturday will be processed on the following Sunday. Orders received after 12.00 will be processed the next working day. The delivery time depends on the delivery area. With the exception of several remote settlements, the product will be delivered up to seven business days from the day the order is received and processed on the site.

external circumstances

The Golden CBD company will not be held responsible for any damage, delay or delay caused to the delivery due to force majeure, a third party, or circumstances and events beyond its control.

Coordinating the shipment with the shipping company

The shipping company used by Golden CBD will independently coordinate with you the delivery of the shipment to your address. A day after the coordination, you will receive a text message from the shipping company with the date you coordinated and with the option to change or confirm the date. On the day of the scheduled appointment, you will receive a text message as a reminder.

Recommendations to optimize shipping

When completing the purchase on the website, it is recommended to enter a delivery address where you or someone on your behalf is available most of the day, such as a residential or work address – and also indicate where the delivery can be left for you if the courier fails to get a response upon arrival. If you did not specify an alternative location, the shipping company will try to coordinate with you a new date for delivery, after which the shipment will be returned to its warehouse. If return shipping is required, the customer will be charged for it.
The Golden CBD company will not be held responsible for any damage and/or loss of any kind that may be caused by leaving the shipment at the exchange location.

Order cancellation and returns

Order cancellation policy will be subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Law”), and nothing in the section below shall derogate from it.

You can cancel a product order from the day of the order up to 14 days from the date of actual receipt of the product or from the date of receipt of order confirmation – whichever is later. The right of cancellation is not valid, among others, in the following cases:

  • Products made especially for the customer
  • Lost products (perishable or perishable) such as food products that have passed their expiration date, and more
  • Supplements
  • Open product

If, after placing an order on the website, it turns out that the product is out of stock and/or cannot be delivered, Golden CBD will send you an e-mail and/or contact you by phone to inform you of the cancellation of the order without charge and/or the return of your money (if already their obligation), and the customer will not have any claim against the company for this.

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